Yasuda Coach
Yasuda 4
Japanese Name 安田
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Trainer
Manga Debut Round 44
Anime Debut Round 16 (The Fighting)

Yasuda Coach (安田コーチ) is a trainer at Ohtaki Boxing Gym.


His background is unknown, as seen in the series, he is an old trainer who coaches to Kobashi Kenta. Before Kobashi and Ippo fight he told to Kobashi about the man who won 209 matches with his similar fighting style and he tried to motivate Kobashi.

Boxers TrainedEdit


Coach Yasuda is one of the oldest coach, as you hear in the series he is old enough to almost knock-out by Kobashi's punches. He has grey hair and because of the drawn eye type his eye color is unknown.


Maybe because of his old age but he is a really calm man. In the series he has no other significant personality.


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