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Japanese Name 柳岡
Gender Male
Birth date July 30, 1953
Homeland Japan Osaka, Japan
Occupation Naniwa Kentou-kai trainer
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Style Out Boxer
Date(s) Retired Unknown
Boxing Record
Total fights  ?
Wins  ?
Wins by KO  ?
Losses  ?
Manga Debut Round 88
Anime Debut Round 30 (The Fighting)
Voice Actor Tatsuta Naoki

Yanaoka (柳岡) is a trainer at Naniwa Kentou-kai and Sendou Takeshi’s second.


Yanaoka is a first class trainer and second whose skills are even recognized by Kamogawa Genji. He is one of the few people who truly understands Sendou. Yanaoka began his career as a boxer and eventually became 1st ranked in Japan, but was defeated by OPBF champion Miyata. After retiring he became a trainer at the Naniwa Kentou-kai.

Years later, a few of his trainees got beaten up by a delinquent named Sendou Takeshi(Who Yanaoka almost knocked out). After Sendou took part in another rumble, Yanaoka turned him onto boxing as a way to find the strength he hungers for.

Match HistoryEdit

Result Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS Miyata's Father KO N/A ca.1980 Japan N/A


  • Although it is yet to be revealed in the manga, one of the video games lists his full name as Yanaoka Kazuhiro (柳岡かずひろ).

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