Yamaguchi Tomoko
Dr. Yamaguchi Tomoko
Japanese Name 山口
Nickname(s) "Dr. Yamaguchi"
Gender Female
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Manga Debut Round 92
Manga Final Round 1122
Anime Debut Round 30 (S1 - 30)

Tomoko Yamaguchi (山口, lit. Yamaguchi Tomoko), often referred to as Dr. Yamaguchi, is a semi-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.


A woman who runs a bone clinic, not much is known of her past, other than she was a well-known Judo practitioner said to be the best of her class in Japan. She primarily acts as Makunouchi Ippo's physical therapist, seeing to his injuries at certain times throughout the series.


She is shown to be very concerned with Ippo's career as a boxer, and can be considered one of his biggest fans. She is attractive, friendly, and respectful, often times using honorifics when addressing others, yet is one of the few of Ippo's female acquaintances who has not expressed a romantic interest in Ippo. However, this does not stop Ippo from being flustered whenever she is in close proximity with him.

Most recently Takamura even tried to have his way with her during a massage after she started rubbing his foot on her boobs, before being promptly thrown through the window by her and escaping completely naked, all of this didn't seem to bother her much.


Yamaguchi is known by most of the characters to be extremely physically attractive. She has a voluptuous figure and large breasts. Takamura usually tries to sneak peeks at her body. This happened once at Ippo's celebration dinner for his winning the All Rookie Tournament, where Takamura tried to look at Yamaguchi's thong through her panty line when she was drunk and bending over.


Takamura Peeking at Tomoko's Thong

Takamura Checking Out Tomoko