Hajime no Ippo -Hajime no Ippo Rising Opening01:20

Hajime no Ippo -Hajime no Ippo Rising Opening

Yakan Hikou (夜間飛行) is the opening theme song for the third season anime Hajime no Ippo: Rising and the 5th opening of the series.

Artist Wasureranneyo
Starting Episode 105 The Greatest Challenger
Ending Episode 129 A Vow
Length TV Version: 1:20
Full Version: 4:42

Lyrics Edit

When you take the first step

you will be free to go anywhere

We all, yes we all

dream the same dreams

and there's a whole world

waiting in our hearts

Take off

Go take off

I can see

I can see a huge star

This World

is waiting for us

Japanese Romaji Edit

Saisho no ippo fumidaseba

kitto sokkara wa jiyuu ni yukeru yo

nande mo sono nande mo

onaji yume wo mitekita bokura wa

kizuitanda sekai wa mune no naka datte

zutto bokura wo matteta


tondekunda hora

ittousei ga

ittousei ga mieta

kono sekai ga

bokura wo matsunda (ye, ye)

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