Yajima Yoshiaki
Japanese Name 矢島義明
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Japan
Boxer Info
Weight Class Middleweight
Style Hybrid
Current Affiliation Kawai Boxing Gym
Trainer Kawai Coach
Boxing Record
Total fights 22
Wins 18
Wins by KO 17
Losses 4
Draws 0
Championships JBC Middleweight Champion
Manga Debut Round 50
Anime Debut Round 19 (The Fighting)

Yajima Yoshiaki is a character in Hajime no Ippo. He was the Japanese middleweight champion before losing to Takamura.


Yajima was the JBC middleweight Champion and had defended the title 6 times, easily defeating all of his challengers. For his 7th title defense he was scheduled to fight against Takamura Mamoru. He had a well organized cheering squad even wearing matching T-shirts.

The match began and Yajima was quickly pushed to the ropes by the powerful Takamura, however he trapped him into believing that his guard was open, which he fell for and countered Takamura hitting him square in jaw, bringing Takamura to his knees for the first time in his career. Takamura had trouble getting up, however thanks to Ippo's cheering he managed to. The match continued and he began attacking Takamura, trying for the KO, however Takamura easily avoided all of his strikes and then fought back, pushing him to the ropes, Yajima attempted to use the same stategy for the second time, but Takamura didn't fall for the same trick twice. Yajima was then beaten very hard and lost by KO.

Match historyEdit

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS  18-4-0 Takamura Mamoru TKO 1(10), 1:30 1991-10 Tokyo, Japan Japanese Middleweight Title Match

Boxing styleEdit

Yajima is a good boxer, considering the fact he was the JBC Middleweight champion and the first man to score a down against Takamura (Thought this happened because Takamura was more stressed than usual). He is noted to be a straight-puncher by Yagi . During his fight with Takamura he was seen making use of feints, counters, and straights.