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Yagi Haruhiko
Japanese Name 八木 晴彦
Gender Male
Birth date April 18, 1949
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Kamogawa Boxing Gym manager
Manga Debut Round 2
Anime Debut Round 2 (The Fighting)
Voice Actor Nakajima Toshihiko

Yagi Haruhiko (八木 晴彦) is the boxing manager of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym.

Yagi is the manager of the Kamogawa Gym and a contemporary of Miyata's father. His duties primarily consist of publicity and match booking, but he also takes part in managing the finances, selling merchandise, and occasionally even assists with the training now and then. He is a kind and friendly person, often adding ~kun to the end of the names of the Kamogawa gym members.


He is a master fisherman and whenever he fishes his personality changes (in the words of Miyata's father, "he gets the face of a demon"). He is so good in fact, that it has been said that he could become the World Champion of fishing. Additionaly, numerous fishing ponds put up "No Yagi Allowed" signs after losing so many customers because Yagi was catching all the fish.

He has a habit of suggesting to throw in the towel during Ippo's fights.


Yagi was originally a boxer for the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, having joined around the same time as Miyata's father, but unfortunately he lacked the talent to survive as a pro. He apparently had his fishing skills long before that, as Miyata's father learned the hard way while taking him fishing to cheer him up after a disappointing loss.

Yagi would later retire to become manager of the Kamogawa gym and usually stands at ringside with Coach Kamogawa and Shinoda during matches. During a fishing trip aboard the Makunouchi Fishing Boat with the rest of the main cast he offered a friendly bet where everyone would pair up and see who could catch the most fish. He and Shinoda won by a landslide, and Takamura began training in fishing (in addition to his regular boxing schedule) in order to challenge him to a rematch. The rematch took place at one of the few fishing ponds that still welcomed Yagi. Although the end result was not shown, in the end the pond put up a "No Yagi or Takamura Allowed" sign.

During the Itagaki vs. Imai match, Yagi was asked by the coach to come up with a second encouragement pun after Shinoda couldn't think up another. The best he could do was pull Itagaki's Isu (Japanese for chair (or stool, in this case) away as he was returning to his corner and said Ima no ISU, Na~ISU (今のイス、ナ~イス, basically: This chair IS... nICE). Although the coach yelled at him for ruining the atmosphere, Takamura and the others found it hilarious and have been using it as a guts pose ever since.

Nicknames, etcEdit

Coach Kamogawa
Most Gym Members
Yagi-chan八木ちゃんsee here
Yagi-san八木さんsee here
Miyata's father
ShinodaYagi-dono八木どのsee here


  • "I would love to handle a big match like that at least once, as a manager." - Episode 2, while watching a world title match with Kamogawa Genji

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