Wiki Ippo is a wiki about the manga and anime called Hajime no Ippo. You can create new pages that we've not yet created or edit the pages that are wrong. Enjoy viewing our wiki!


user:iloveflash and user:cemanga are the current admins. Take up any issues or questions on their talk pages.


This is a work in progress; more rules and guidelines will be added over time. Check back here often.

  1. If you are deleting something on a page, always include an edit summary to protect yourself from instant rollback. (Having your edit undone.) This only applies to deleting information. You are free to add anything you deem necessary without leaving a summary, and someone must provide a reason for undoing your additions.
  2. Do not troll. Desolation is a city.
  3. 2 out of the 3 following criteria must be met to update a character's portrait on their infobox:
    1. The new portrait comes from a more recent chapter/episode than the old one.
    2. The new portrait is equal or higher quality resolution than the previous one. (Colored images must always supplant non-colored ones.)
    3. The new portrait has less backgrounds, no borders, and/or the character's face is more in focus than the previous one.
  4. Always leave a caption under any image you add to a gallery. The caption must be a description of what is happening in the image. (In the case of the front page galleries, the caption must be the name of the character/item being added.) This lets us know why you're adding the image. If two or more images have matching descriptions, the one with the lowest quality will be dropped. The number of images with matching descriptions that are allowed in a gallery is yet to be determined, so feel free to add as many as you want.
  5. For the trivia sections, you are free to add anything you feel no one else has noticed about the character/Ippo universe for the time being. Conversely, follow rule 1 if you are deleting trivia.

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