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Volume 74
Volume Info
Volume: 74
ISBN (JP): 978-4-06-363606-2
Total Pages: 192
Year Released (JP) December 16, 2005
Volume Chronology
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Chapters Edit

  • Round 692: The Same View
  • Round 693: Death Sentence Executed
  • Round 694: The Final Attack
  • Round 695: A Battle Beyond Fists
  • Round 696: Instinct
  • Round 697: A Ring With No Winner
  • Round 698: Championship Belt
  • Round 699: Final Appearance
  • Round 700: Disturbance at Kamogawa Gym
  • Round 701: Former Little Leaguers
  • Round 702: An Unexpected Weakness
  • Round 703: The True Star Appears

Cover Characters Edit

Front Cover

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