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Volg's Mother
Gender Female
Death date Unknown
Homeland Russia Russia
Family Alexander Volg Zangief (son)
Manga Debut Round 158
Anime Debut Round 47 (The Fighting)
She did not appear alot in the series, as she is the deceased mother of Alexander Volg Zangief. She only appeared in some flashbacks from Volg in his matches, against Ippo and Mike Elliot.


Volg and his mother

Volg and his mother in a picture.

Volg's mother raised and grew all alone Volg, taking care of him until she ruined her own health. Volg became a boxer to help his mother stay alive with the help of Ramuda Ruslan his trainer, but after his loss against Ippo and Sendou he goes back to Russia but afterwards she passes away as we see later Volg infront of her grave. Volg makes a decision to continue his career to become a world champion, as he did by defeating Mike Elliot.

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