Un-Surrendered Weight Class
Chapter Info
Volume: 35
Chapter: 315
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
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Un-Surrendered Weight Class is the 315th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



After reading an issue of Monthly Boxing Fan, Miyata and his father discuss on a possible match against Ippo in the future, and how far apart their skills are.

At his gym, Ippo is told by Aoki that Takamura is training for his upcoming match, while Kimura is helping Miyata get ready for his OPBF title match, as a way of thanking him for helping him out with the Mashiba fight.

Despite Aoki's predictions of Kimura being utterly defeated by Miyata, it is the other way around as Miyata goes down three times in one sparring match. Kimura tells him to not hold back, but Miyata states he is as serious as ever. Miyata's father then ends the spar and orders his son to start only light practice. He then explains to Kimura that the reason for which Miyata fought once a month during his trip, was because it would be impossible to make weight if he waited any longer. Kimura states that if he will not be at full power, fighting as a featherweight makes no sense, but Miyata's father lets him know that Miyata refuses to go up a division. Miyata then interrupts them and says there is no reason to worry, and to please not tell anyone about it; especially Ippo.

When Kimura leaves, Miyata corrects his father by telling him that he was not at full power during a simple spar. He considers the weight management similar to sharpening a pencil in the way that as his body gets weaker, his concentration gets sharper like the end of the pencil.

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