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Tumbling Dice (タムブリング • ダイス lit. tamburingu daisu) is the third and final opening for the first season of George Morikawa's anime adaptation of the popular manga series Fighting Spirit.


The song was written by Japanese guitarist and composer Tsuneo Imahori (今堀•恒雄, tsuneo imahori). It is a full guitar instrumental with no lyrics.


  • Song length spans a total of 1:23
  • Present in rounds 53 through 76
  • Footage is stylized from "Lallapalooza" title match between Ippo and Sendou, with clips of some of Ippo's former opponents.
  • The words spanning in the background during each of the special appearances of Ippo's former oppenents, including the section leading up to the title shot, are as follows:
    • Noble tiger
    • Mean of strength
    • Who is the real champion
    • Once you are in the RING
    • And the...the crowd,
    • Boxing because...s the way of life
    • ...ll BOXING jun[g]le
    • What does the word "strong" mean?
These may be Ippo's thoughts during the match.

Character Appearances Edit

Techniques & StylesEdit


Hajime No Ippo - Tumbling Dice01:20

Hajime No Ippo - Tumbling Dice


  • The song's artist Tsuneo Imahori is also responsible to composing music for the series Trigun, Gungrave, Wolf's Rain, and Cowboy Bebop

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