Hajime No Ippo - Tumbling Dice01:20

Hajime No Ippo - Tumbling Dice

Tumbling Dice by Tsuneo Imahori

Tumbling Dice (タムブリング • ダイス lit. tamburingu daisu) is the third and final opening for the first season anime Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!

Artist Tsuneo Imahori
Starting Episode 53 So That I Can Be Myself
Ending Episode 76 Boxer's Fist
Length TV Version: 1:23
Full Version: 1:23


The song was written by Japanese guitarist and composer Tsuneo Imahori (今堀•恒雄, tsuneo imahori). It is a full guitar instrumental with no lyrics.


  • Footage is stylized from "Lallapalooza" title match between Ippo and Sendou, with clips of some of Ippo's former opponents.
  • The words spanning in the background during each of the special appearances of Ippo's former oppenents, including the section leading up to the title shot, are as follows:
    • Noble tiger
    • Mean of strength
    • Who is the real champion
    • Once you are in the RING
    • And the...the crowd,
    • Boxing because...s the way of life
    • ...ll BOXING jun[g]le
    • What does the word "strong" mean?
These may be Ippo's thoughts during the match.

Character Appearances Edit

Techniques & StylesEdit

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