Tsubame Gaeshi
Alternate Name(s) "The Second Hien"
"Swallow Return"
Kanji N/A
User(s) Sanada Kazuki
Alexander Volg Zangief
Manga Round 303
Anime Champion Road
Similar Technique(s)
Similar technique(s) Smash
Tsubame Gaeshi (Swallow Return) is a double uppercut invented by Hama Dankichi, and first used by Sanada Kazuki in the fight against Makunouchi Ippo. This is the second technique created by Dankichi, the first being the Hien.

Volg Zangief, having come under Dankichi's tutelage since moving to America, is the next to inherit the technique. He first uses it in his championship bout with Mike Elliot. Volg has the distinction of being able to string the uppercut into his Sunday Punch, the White Fang, making him a natural successor.


It begins like a normal uppercut hitting an opponent's guard. The shock from the uppercut loosens the guard, then the boxer turns his fist vertically instead of horizontally and repeats the uppercut, albeit much more compactly. This second uppercut penetrates the defense, allowing the clean hit.

Just like the Hien, the execution of the technique must be rapid in order for it to be effective.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Thus far in the series, no one has been able to successfully guard the "Second Swallow", which hints at it being a methodical guard breaker like the Smash. Nekota Ginpachi commented that the Hien is a setup for this move as it tricks the opponent into stiffening their guard before the second swallow flies to break it.

Defending against this unique uppercut requires a Cross Arm Block.

Another hypothetical way to avoid it would be to do simply that -- avoid it. The first punch must be strong enough to loosen the fighter's guard, which means it almost certainly will be a regular uppercut. This punch is easy to avoid.