Japanese Name トミ子
Gender Female
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Nurse
Manga Debut Round 171
Anime Debut Round 51 (The Fighting)
Voice Actor Tsuda Shouko

Tomiko (トミ子, full name unknown) is Aoki Masaru's girlfriend.


She and Aoki first meet during a group date involving the nurses with the four boxers, Aoki, Kimura, Ippo, and Takamura. The morning after the date, Takamura calls Aoki just to tease him. However, Tomiko answered the phone which implies that she was the only nurse in the group who actually hooked up with their date. She is possibly skilled in sewing, having sewed a garment for Aoki's "main event" match and has a pastime for fortune telling similar to Aoki. Although renowned for having a bland face, she is equally famous for her impressively large breasts. She possesses a fierce loyalty for Aoki and is the only known girlfriend to someone at Kamogawa gym.


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