Time of Parting
Chapter Info
Volume: 33
Chapter: 288
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
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Time of Parting is the 288th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.


  • Characters Introduced: None
  • Locations Introduced: None
  • Techniques Introduced: None
  • Mentioned Boxers: None
  • Title Page Character(s): None


With the fight over and Mashiba retaining the title, marking his fifth defense, Ippo and a reluctant Takamura go to the ring in order to check on Kimura's condition. Kimura, who is still standing with a fighting pose and unconscious in the ring, is not aware of the fact that the match is over. The public begins to cheer in a show of admiration for the strongest challenger Mashiba has faced, and Kimura wakes up to Aoki, who is telling him that the match is over. Realizing he has lost, Kimura cries, while his team takes him away.

Mashiba leaves the ring angry at the match's result and states he will do no interview, as he would only bring shame, given the fact that Kimura was supposed to be a stepping stone to the world match.

Despite having loss, Kimura is ambushed by many reporters who want his comments on the fight. An angry Kamogawa tells them to go away, but Kimura begs him to let the through. When they ask for his opinion on a rematch, Kimura reveals to them that he will never fight again, because he decided to retire if he loss even before the fight started. With the reporters in shock and Aoki distraught, Kimura states that it was his last fight. After getting dressed, Kimura bids the Kourakuen Hall farewell.

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