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Volume: 28
Chapter: 246
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Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
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Thug is the 246th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



While Aoki manages to stop Ippo's "knockout streak" at their own gym, Mari is in Osaka intending to interview Sendou.

When Mari arrives, Sendou is not around, but she instead finds his grandmother, who tells her the story about how Sendou became the "thug" he now is; when Sendou was just a child, his father (who was a firefighter) died while saving a child who reminded him of his own despite his friends advising to not risk his life. After this event, it was Sendou's grandmother who raised him. Wanting to be like his father, Sendou always tried to protect his friends from those who hurt them, but once found himself outnumbered by older children who bullied him and his friends. The next day, Sendou (armed with a baseball bat) delivered a beating to the bullies and promised himself to become stronger in order to protect he people he cared about. As time passed by, Sendou would become more violent and gain more influence over the people. By the he entered high school, he was already the leader of a gang of thugs.

Sendou then arrives from his road work, and reveals that ankle weights are the reason behind his new-found leg strength. When Mari tries the ankles herself, she is unable to walk and realizes just how much effort Sendou has put into training. The champion explains that during his fights with Volg and Saeki he felt no difference, but the third round against Shigeta is where he learned how to use the dashing power that would put his entire body strength behind the fist (just like Ippo), as opposed to only the arm strength. Sendou then invites Mari to follow him to his gym, where he plans to show her "something good".

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