Threat to the World
Chapter Info
Chapter: 1041
Japanese Title: 世界威嚇態勢
Romanized Title: Sekai Ikaku Taisei
Total Pages: 16
Chapter Chronology
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Threat to the World is the 1041st chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



Miyata and Fujii talks about Gonzales's right. Because he hasn't punch with his right and keeps hitting with his right till now. But Miyata also thinks, Gonzales getting Ippo to focus on his left so that he won't anticipate a right. If Ippo gets caught up in the moment and dashes in then he will hit with his right.

Ippo lands a liver blow but Gonzales blocks it and backs off quickly. Ippo once again dashes in and lands another liver blow but Gonzales blocks it again. Gonzales's blocking arm starts to go numb. Gonzales backs off again. Ippo listens Coach Kamogawa and chase him down. Ippo thinks if he can connect any one of the liver blows, he may slow Gonzales down. Ippo get closer and tries to hit him but he blocks and dodges. Ippo doesn't give up he gets even more closer and starts hitting again. For a second Gonzales thinks, with these kind of punches it feels like Ippo can break the arms he is guarding, then he thinks he may not stand it and gets away from Ippo. When Ippo realise, if they keep fighting in the center of the ring, Gonzales will always be able to get away, he has to get him to the ropes or the corner. Coach Kamogawa thinks Gonzales hiding something and he wants Ippo to find it.

Mashiba asks is this all number two in the world can do? Sendou responds Ippo also a world ranked boxer so its not weird that they're on even foot. Fujii is doubtful if Gonzales having real trouble. Miyata also doubtfull if Gonzales making a trap.

Ippo dives in again and prepares for a body blow but at the last second Ippo flips his fist, Gonzales notices the change and gets back at the last second. While Gonzales moves backwards his back touches the ropes, before Gonzales realizes Ippo dashes in, Gonzales fires his left and Ippo dodges it but at that moment from the corner Coach Kamogawa sees what Gonzales was hiding...

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