"The Commentator"
Gender N/A
Homeland Japan Japan
Manga Debut Round 50
Anime Debut Round 19 (The Fighting)
The commentator is a nameless recurring character in Hajime no Ippo. He provides running commentary for many matches set in Japan throughout the series.


  • "Aaah! He's fast! What brilliant hand speed!"[1]
  • “It’s already freezing from the December winters but here at the Kourakuen Hall, we’re already hot from the pack energy”[2]
  • “Talk about a fight between the most talented! This is an offence-defense to be proud of”[3]
  • “The eagerness is apparent as fireworks!”[4]
  • “It’s finally starting, the first of the featherweight matches. Soon the gong will sound!”[5]
  • “Listen to the cheers! Do you think our voices can even be heard? The 3200 people crowded into this hall are all on their feet."[6]
  • “We will now begin the champion carnivaaal”[7]
  • “They plant their feet and hit the center of the ring! This fight is shaking Kourakuen Hall”[8]
  • “Listen to the cheering as he walks down the red carpet. Despite his loss, he’s as popular as ever!”[9]
  • "The hall has ben filled with people hoping to see this bear-slaying punch!"[10]
  • "Can my voice even be heard over this crowd? That's the level of these cheers!"[11]


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