The Unfinished Counter


Episode Info

Season: Third (Rising)
Episode: 18
Duration: 22:52

Episode Chronology

Eleki's Shocker and Papaya's Coconut Hawk Vs. Eagle

The Unfinished Counter is the 18th episode of Hajime no Ippo: Rising series, and it was released on Febuary 8th, 2014.

Miyata's match begins with him setting the pace with amazing speed. His jabs are fast and accurate, but the challenger only blocks, never fighting back. Eventually Miyata breaks his guard and the challenger responds with a very quick left hook. Despite this, the challenger backs off and goes back to defense like before. A flashback shows why he's just been guarding this whole time, the manager simply wants to observe Miyata's moves. Miyata pressures him enough to get in a few clean hits and the challenger decides for himself to fight back. After a brutal cross-counter, the challenger falls to the mat...only to get up at the count of 6. However, a more powerful counter punch knocks him right back down, ending the match immediately. Later Ippo shouts that he wants to fight Miyata and the crowd notices the Japan Champion. Miyata and the entire crowd want them to see them fight.



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