The Tiger and the Wolf
Chapter Info
Volume: 23
Chapter: 200
Japanese Title: 虎と狼
Romanized Title: Tora to ōkami
Pages: 19
Arc: The Road Back Arc
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The Tiger and the Wolf is chapter 200 of the Hajime no Ippo manga.

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The fight begins and both fighters circle around each other without making a move. In order to demonstrate his power, Sendou throws a quick jab, barely missing his mark. Instead of backing down, Volg responds with an uppercut of his own, which leaves the situation clear to Sendou. Volg gets even more offensive and delivers several combinations that Sendou initially blocks, but is soon unable to do so. Volg slides his punches through the guard, and lands a liver blow, and an uppercut among others. Sendou appears to drop his guard, but in reality utilizes the opportunity to throw a smash, that makes Volg lose balance. It now appears that Sendou has the upper-hand and begins to overwhelm Volg, who dodges one of the hits, only to receive a smash to the face. Without backing down, Volg responds with his white fang that lands cleanly. Sendou loses control of his body, but refuses to fall. Ippo looks at both fighters and notes how similar they are to Date.