The Three Featherweights
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 15
Japanese Title: 3人のフェザー級
Romanized Title: San-nin no Fezaa-kyuu
Total Pages: 33
Episodes: Round 8 (p. 1-13)

Round 9 (p.13-33)

Chapter Chronology
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The Three Featherweights is the fifteenth chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



Ippo rushes to Kourakuen Hall to see Takamura's match against Hirano Kazuhiko. He makes it in time for the end of the amatuer fights. The hall with only a few rude people soon becomes full of cheering fans when the pro matches begin and Takamura enters, showing Ippo how popular pros are. The ten round match begins and Hirano tries to corner Takamura who blocks one punch and then knocks Hirano out. The referee declares Takamura the winner and the audience cheers on.

Ippo is shocked to see Miyata present but the latter assures him he only came to see Takamura. Ippo congratulates him on winning his debut match and Miyata wishes Ippo luck on his own pro test. They are approached by Fujii, who has with him the hope of Hirano's gym, Mashiba Ryou. Mashiba completely ignores Ippo and taunts Miyata for having a second-rate boxer for a father, causing Miyata to rush at him. But Mashiba gets in his face with quicker speed, laughs, and walks off. Fujii what he thinks and the latter replies that the three of them will meet in the East Japan Rookie King Tournament.

One month later, Takamura takes Ippo to his Pro Test at the Hall. As Takamura relaxes in the stands, Mashiba's spar comes up and he pummels his opponent instantly with his jabs and fighting style. Takamura notices the speed and says it's not something that should be achievable at an examinee's level, he also notices that Ippo is gone and finds him practicing in the bathroom to calm down and he takes him back to the ring in time for his spar. When the bell rings, Ippo dodges all of the opponent's punches and finishes him with a one two. As Ippo exits the ring, Mashiba recognizes him and suggests that Ippo try another weight class so that he never has to get beaten up by him. Ippo insists on staying in the weight class in order to face Miyata again, even if it means facing Mashiba as well.

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