The Revived Right Fist
Ch 100
Chapter Info
Volume: 12
Chapter: 100
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 18
Chapter Chronology
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The Revived Right Fist is the 100th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



Ippo with his regained confidence, repeatedly attacks Sendou with several combinations. Sendou keeps blocking and is against the ropes, with Ippo throwing punch after punch nonstop until the referee steps in, and ends the first round, which Ippo wins by a point lead.

In his corner, Sendou tells his trainer how grateful he is to Ippo for fighting seriously. He admits to being hurt and that the damage remains. When the second round is announced, Sendou simply gets up and walks to the center wondering what to do next.

This time, Sendou initiates the attack with a fast combination ending with a smash that Ippo barely blocks. Thinking he is fine after seeing the move in the spar against Takamura, Ippo is caught off guard by a modified version of the smash, which blows away his guard.

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