The Power of a King
Chapter Info
Volume: 20
Chapter: 177
Japanese Title: 王様の力
Romanized Title: Ōsama no chikara
Pages: 20
Arc: JBC Featherweight Champion - Date Eiji Arc
Debut: Characters:
Tamaki Atsushi
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The Power of a King is chapter 177 of the Hajime no Ippo manga.

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Ippo encounters Fujii on his way to Takamura's weigh in. As they walk, they talk about the upcoming matches of the champion carnival, including Ippo's own. When they arrive at the weigh in, they find out that Takamura is 200 grams over weight. He leaves in order to return and re-weigh in three hours, and Ippo accompanies him.

While in the sauna, Takamura reflects with Ippo about the irony of being ranked number one despite the fact that there is someone better. He explains that the champion has a special power because he is a king, and that he will demonstrate it that night.

Before Takamura's match begins, Ippo is surprised by Date, who is waiting to wish Takamura luck as a fellow champion. Ippo tells him what Takamura said about the power of a champion, and Date recognizes this as he states that someone who knows this, will not lose. Before leaving, Date tells Ippo that his punches are weak and that he will not be able to take the featherweight belt.

The fight begins and Takamura is being outclassed by his opponent when Ippo arrives. Ippo gets worried as he believes that no matter how strong Takamura is, he can not stand such blows. Takamura however, remains standing and Ippo remembers Date's words.