The Old Man and the Bear
Chapter Info
Volume: 26
Chapter: 225
Japanese Title: 老人と熊
Romanized Title: Rōjin to kuma
Pages: 18
Arc: Lallapallooza Arc
Debut: Characters:
Nekota Ginpachi
The Bear
Pension Yoshio
Mentioned Boxers:
Yoshio Shirai
Chapter Chronology
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The Old Man and the Bear is chapter 225 of the Hajime no Ippo manga.

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The Kamogawa crew leaves for a training camp, which to the boxers' (except Ippo) dismay, turns out to be in the mountains. Arriving, they meet Nekota Ginpachi; an old friend of Kamogawa's, at whose house they will be staying during training.

While Takamura hits the sandbag with Nekota and Kamogawa, Shinoda takes the remaining trio to run around the mountain. While jogging, they encounter a bear, but since they are going downhill, the animal is too afraid to follow them, and allows them to escape.

Later that night and still in shock of the bear incident, Ippo is unable to sleep, and begins punching the sandbag as he remembers Date's words. Hearing this, Kamogawa approaches Ippo and tells him he must first understand every aspect of the Dempsey Roll before being able to perfect it. He also tells him that making Sendou retreat in a fight will be even more difficult.

The next day, the group goes jogging once again, but this time Nekota gives them a few bells to wear in order to keep the bear away. Takamura refuses the bell as he thinks he could defeat the animal.


  • In this chapter, Yagi displays his unparalleled fishing skills for the first time.