The Man Ranked 4th
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Volume: 26
Chapter: 232
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Total Pages: 19
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The Man Ranked 4th is the 232nd chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



The bell signals the beginning of the sparring match that sees Shigeta dominating Ippo from the very beginning with his quick jabs. Confused at first, Ippo realizes that Shigeta is left-handed and is using a southpaw stance. Takamura explains that having no experience makes it difficult for Ippo, while chances are that Shigeta fights mostly against orthodox stances like everyone else. The match continues on with Shigeta dominating until the bell rings for the final time.

Knowing he would have lost in a real fight, Ippo realizes that his opponent for the upcoming title match might change. Kamogawa tells him not to worry, and that in his fatigued condition he would have lost to anyone.

Returning home, Ippo is greeted by his mother and Umezawa. The latter shows him an article in the newspaper about Takamura and the bear. While he reads the article and notices it is Nekota behind all of it, Ippo receives a phone call. It turns out to be Sendou asking if the story about the bear is true. Ippo confirms it and asks about his fight plan for Shigeta. Sendou replies he needs no plan and confidently tells him he will defeat Shigeta and focus only on the one person who has ever defeated him. While Sendou talks, he removes his training gear (which causes a sound that makes Ippo wonder what it is) and invites Ippo to his upcoming match.


  • This is the first chapter where a left-handed boxer is shown.

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