The Eve of the Class A Tournament Finals
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Volume: 18
Chapter: 158
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
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The Eve of the Class A Tournament Finals is the 158th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.


  • Characters Introduced: None
  • Locations Introduced: None
  • Techniques Introduced: None
  • Mentioned Boxers: None
  • Title Page Character(s): Makunouchi Ippo


In his apartment, Volg remembers his mother and how he is fighting for her sake, even though she dislikes the fact that he is a boxer. As he is silently promising to earn enough money to give her a better life, his coach approaches him and asks if he has the strategy to fight Ippo clear.

The next day training with Ramuda, Volg displays his high level skills with combinations on a mitt designed to improve blows thrown with angles. The other members are speechless when they see Volg using his white fang, which as Hayami explains, is a combination consisting of an uppercut, followed by a high speed chopping right.

After a training session with Kamogawa where Ippo perfectly executes the plan for the fight against Volg, ending with his new acquired gazelle punch, he is congratulated by Aoki and Kimura who ask him to succeed where they failed.

The night before the match, both fighters reflect on their future, and with clear set goals and full of determination, they are ready to fight.

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