The End of the Death Match


Episode Info

Season: Third (Rising)
Episode: 21
Duration: 22:52

Episode Chronology

A Lesson Never Forgotten Flower of Hope

The End of the Death Match is the 21th episode of Hajime no Ippo: Rising series, and it was released on March 1st, 2014.

The death match continues with both fighters injured, until Takamura's left eye gets swallowed and cannot see, the same goes for the other eye which has blood on it. Takamura gets beaten up, until he says that he will hit to the training mits, that Kamogawa has. He doesn't miss were to hit, and he rushes in while he is completely blind, by only see his foots below infront of him. Punches of Takamura do not miss the mark, and Eagle is almost losing contol on winning against him. As Takamura continues to throw punches, with his vision completely black, he finally gets Eagle to the ground. Takamura does not stop throwing punches in the air, until Kamogawa stops him. Eagle, was on the canvas unconscious. He conquered the second weight class, and won against David Eagle. Kimura, Itagaki and Aoki go in the ring to see him.



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