The Bear (as often referred to), was a black bear living in the mountains area around Niigata.
The Bear


Despite being a medium-sized species, this particular bear was clearly taller than Takamura (180cm).
Encounter with bear

The bear finds Takamura

Standing bear

The standing bear


The bear first appears during the Kamogawa Boxing Gym's training camp in the mountains, as he chases Makunouchi Ippo, Aoki Masaru, Kimura Tatsuya and their trainer Shinoda. However since they are going downhill, the bear is afraid of falling and retreats.

On the final day of the training camp, the bear encounters Takamura Mamoru and they engage in a fight where the bear manages to wound the boxer before being defeated by the latter's bear slayer punch. Takamura forgives the bear and allows it to live after seeing it's cubs.
Bear cubs

The bear's cubs

Despite surviving the encounter with Takamura the bear is shot and killed that very night by Nekota Ginpachi, who serves it as dinner for the boxers before they leave. Greatly upset by the turn of events, Takamura consumes the bear as a show of respect.

After the events of the training camp, the story about Takamura defeating the bear quickly spreads (thanks to Nekota) and gives the boxer greater fame and reputation.

In his subsequent fights, Takamura wears the bear's skin while he enters the ring to face his opponents. This, coupled with the scar across his chest makes for an intimidating image.

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