Alternate Name(s) "Iron Fist"
User(s) Kamogawa Genji
Makunouchi Ippo
First Appearance
Manga Round 409
Anime Round 24 (Rising)
Similar Technique(s)
Similar technique(s) Uppercut
Body Blow
Liver Blow

Iron Fist (鉄拳, lit. Tekken) is a body blow used by Kamogawa Genji to defeat Ralph Anderson and avenge his friend Nekota Ginpachi. It may be considered Kamogawa's Sunday Punch.

The series does not specify whether Tekken is the name of the technique or simply a nickname for the power of Kamogawa's fist. However, since the only time the name is evoked is when the technique is being performed, and the technique is always a body blow, it is most likely the name of the technique.


There is no special difference between Tekken and a regular body blow. It is a punch aimed at the torso, namely the ribcage. However, having trained relentlessly to improve its power, Kamogawa can instantly break the opponent's ribs with this punch, effectively shutting down their punching power, footwork, and instilling fear in them. Even if it is guarded, the imprint of his fist remains on the opponent's flesh, serving as a warning. When the technique was used against Anderson, the first one to land was a Hook and the finishing blow was an Uppercut to the body.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

This punch is dangerous to use because the power of the blow can shatter the user's fist just as easily. In fact, this technique ended Kamogawa's career as a boxer. However, Makunouchi Ippo has revived the Tekken by hitting logs into a hill with a hammer, rather than with his fist -- the way Kamogawa did it. It still is remarkable that two direct punches to the body, ended Kamogawa's boxing career, although it must be noted that Kamogawa had severely injured both his hands training for his match.



  • Most fans consider Kamogawa's finishing punch to Anderson to be the most violent attack in the manga, which has credence since it is the only instance in the series where a boxer came close to dying in a match.
  • Tekken is also the name of a fighting video game series, though Tekken means "Iron Fist".

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