Tears of Joy
Name Information
Kanji: うれし涙
Romaji: Ureshi Namida
Episode Information
Season: First (The Fighting)
Episode in Season: 3
Episode in Series: 3
Manga Chapters: Round 2 (p. 13-20)

Round 3 (p. 1-20) Round 4 (p. 1-20)

Duration: 24:05
Episode Chronology
Fruits of Labor Shadow Boxing

Tears of Joy is the 3rd episode of the first anime season of Hajime no Ippo, and it was released in October 17, 2000.


Ippo is down! But he gets up like nothing happend, the coach and Miyata are slightly surprised as they didn't expect him to get up. Takamura reminds Ippo that he has to use turtle operation, which is to mount his guard, and wobble from side to side. As the second round starts Miyata gets forward to Ippo really quick, he throws heavy jabs and then after a hit to the body he lowers his guard, and Miyata connects to his face, the exact same thing just like in the first round. Ippo is down for the second time.

As he is down, Takamura shouts and reminds him that he wants to be a new person, to become a professional boxer. And with his willpower he gets up. Ippo is not able to attack yet, but Miyata rushes him against the ropes. Takamura tells him to get out of there, use his feet, he manages to get out a bit akward, running. Takamura shouts "Can't you do it with more style". Miyata again rushes and jabs him fast. Aoki and Kimura said "why his punches don't get the amateur, Miyata has weak fists" As Miyata doesn't like it, he throws a strong left right in his stomach. Takamura says it is over as Ippo trembles not to fall, and he does not. He takes the full hit of Miyata and runs out of the ropes. As soon as he gets away, Miyata doesn't let him and goes for the head. The bell rungs right there, end of the second round and the begginning of the third round. In the corner that he stands, Takamura tells him, that how he can take a beating like that and still get up. Ippo says that it is because he was being bullied but not that also, then he says that physical pain does not hurt as much as his self disappointment.

The third round begins, and now Ippo has Miyata attacks and then aims for chin, and as he does not miss, Ippo falls to the ground. With trembling legs, Surprisingly, he managed to get up. Everyone is stunned. Ippo even manages to attack, after numerous beatings he received! Miyata as exhausted he is, rushes in angry and completely goes all out to him to fall down. And he does...Ippo goes down. As Miyata goes back to his corner, Takamura gets in the ring to see how Ippo is, and tells the members around to bring a bucket with water.

Takamura goes to the coach to tell him that's the reason why he brought him here, Kamogawa immediately agrees and welcomes him to the gym, he said he will make a boxer out of him! When he awoke, everyone welcomes and welcome in the club. Despite of his eye swollen from the beating, he is thrilled. He is now the new member of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym!


Characters IntroducedEdit

Techniques IntroducedEdit

  • None

Locations IntroducedEdit

  • None


Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, it was Miyata's father next to Kamogawa talking about Ippo and not Yagi.
  • In the manga, Kamogawa is wearing the clothes that he wears when he is out of the gym. In the anime, he is wearing his white KBG gym shirt.
  • In the anime, Aoki and Kimura appear, watching Ippo and Miyata fight. They do not appear in the manga until later.
  • In the manga, after the match, it was Miyata's father that told Miyata that using the counter was too much. In the anime, it was a group of gym mates that were getting a bucket of water that told him.

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