"And we 3 make Team Aoki!"

Team Aoki (チーム青木, lit. Chiimu Aoki) is a fan club of Aoki.


Team Aoki is a two person group, excluding Aoki. The members, Akamatsu Isamu and Kizakura Hiroshi, are first introduced in manga Round 461. The two take Aoki as an example. They think he is cool enough to challenge stronger fighters than him, which is why they follow him and do whatever Aoki says. They have no concern for the other boxers at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym.

It is later revealed that both boys were prestigious honor students before they started following Aoki. They eventually officially joined the gym, though they had no intention of becoming pro boxers. Akamatsu uses the Hitman style and flicker jab, while Kizakura uses very potent in fighting.

Team Aoki's skill chartEdit

Main article: Team Aoki's skill chart

Together with Fujii Minoru, the pair attempted to classify several of the gym's boxers according to six boxing traits, similar to a Dungeons & Dragons stat sheet. Their classifications were heavily biased, with their estimation of Aoki's skills being off the chart.



  • The members of Team Aoki are all named after trees.
    • Akamatsu's name means "red pine tree".
    • Kizakura's name means "yellow cherry tree".
    • Aoki's name means "blue tree".


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