Takemura and Matsuda
Takemura and Matsuda
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Manga Debut Round 1
Anime Debut Round 1 (The Fighting)
Voice Actor Hasabe Kouichi (Takemura)
Namiki Shinichi (Matsuda)

Takemura and Matsuda were students at the Shiritsu Zoujirushi High School. They were part of Umezawa's gang in their high school days.


First introduced along with Umezawa Masahiko as teen bullies who would constantly pick on Makunouchi Ippo, they catch up to the latter one day after school and begin their usual routine. They both watch and laugh as Umezawa beats a submissive Ippo, until they are stopped by Takamura Mamoru, who happened to be passing by. They try to confront the boxer on the spot, but with his impressive footwork, he causes them to panic and run away as they threaten him.

Some time later, they try to bully Ippo once again but noticed his pro license. Doubtful about it, they decide to tease him, but are left in shock when he displays his incredible speed and grabs his belongings before they can react and chase after him.

Informed that he won his debut match, they (along with Umezawa) approach Ippo, intending to apologize but their pride stops them from doing so. They instead decide to attend his second match to "laugh at him" but end up cheering for him as he defeats his opponent. They later declare Ippo their friend and with pride, introduce him to their acquaintances.

After becoming friends, they frequently assist Ippo's matches, in order to cheer for him. They even travel to Osaka in order to watch his match against Sendou Takeshi, but are unable to cheer because of the loud cheering the people of Osaka have going on for Sendou.


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