Takamura Suguru
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Family Takamura Mamoru (brother)
Takamura Kyouka (sister)
Takamura Wataru (little brother)
Manga Debut Round 369
Anime Debut Round 16 (New Challenger)

Suguru is Takamura Mamoru's older brother, and also owns a business building in Tokyo, which Takamura denied to come and help.


Suguru has followed in his fathers footsteps to run the family business. Like his younger brother, he was also a gifted athlete, in his case, the sport was rugby. He was said to be naturally more talented than the rest of his team. He seems to care for Mamoru, but has difficulty accepting that his younger brother has chosen a different path. However, he is heartened by the fact that Mamoru is now the world champion. Suguru is also a smoker.