Suzuki Toshio
Japanese Name 鈴木
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Japan
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Style In Fighter
Stance Orthodox Stance
Trainer New Japan Coach
Previous Affiliation(s) New Japan Boxing Gym
Date(s) Retired ca.1994
Boxing Record
Total fights 18
Wins 14
Wins by KO 10
Losses 4
Manga Debut Round 124
Anime Debut Round 38 (The Fighting)
Suzuki Toshio is a boxer who fought against Eiji Date and Volg Zangief.


Suzuki is a veteran boxer in-fighter specialist who was ranked 2nd in Featherweight at the time Ippo entered the Class A tournament, he challenged Date Eiji in the title match and lost by TKO in the first round, also he lost in the Class A tournament Semi-Final against Volg Zangief very badly after which he retires due to his age.

Match HistoryEdit

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS 14-4-0 Alexander Volg Zangief KO 1(10), 2:32 1992-07 Tokyo, Japan Class-A Tournament Semi-Final
LOSS 14-3-0 Date Eiji KO 1(10), 1:20 1991 Tokyo, Japan JBC Featherweight Title Match

Fighting StyleEdit

Suzuki is yet another good in-fighter in the series, who fights at a really close distance.


His weakness is that he is very slow when fighting, unknown if it is due to his age but other opponents as we've seen have dealt easily the damage faster than him.



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