Super Doctor S
Chapter Info
Volume: 33
Chapter: 293
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
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Super Doctor S is the 293rd chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



After a failed attempt at getting an interview with Sanada, Fujii tells Ippo about it, and informs him that Mari is on her way to Sanada's college in a second attempt at interviewing him.

Mari encounters Sanada, who is a medical student, but he starts by saying he will answer no questions related to his new punch. He then tells her about how his father set the path for him to be come a doctor even before he was born; despite not disliking medicine, Sanada came across the Kinoshita Boxing Gym and got beaten in his first sparring match. After further studying the human body, he returned and successfully defeated his opponents in the professional ring using his knowledge of medicine. He also tells her how he went one class up in order to face a man stronger than him as a way of challenging himself.

At the gym, it is revealed that Sanada is heir to an important hospital, and a man popular with the nurses who will be cheering for him. After that, the conversation quickly shifts to Sanada "snatching" Kumi away from Ippo, to which he replies that they are not even dating. Upset about Ippo's submissive attitude, Takamura tells him to confess his feelings for her and runs to get the phone. Ippo asks Aoki and Kimura to stop him, but the duo tells him to he must confess indeed. With no other option left, Ippo agrees but on one condition.

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