The Sunday Punch is a boxer's signature KO technique or KO pattern. It does not refer to any specific techniques, but is rather a general term used in boxing.

Though most main characters possess a signature finisher, some characters rely purely on Orthodox Boxing Techniques or superior strength, skill and spirit. Notable examples include Takamura Mamoru and Ricardo Martinez.

Sunday PunchesEdit

This is a list of every characters' latest KO punch or pattern.
Name Punch/Pattern
Makunouchi Ippo Diagonal Dempsey Roll
Miyata Ichirou Jolt Counter
Sendou Takeshi Smash
Alexander Volg Zangief Tsubame Gaeshi to White Fang
Mashiba Ryo Flicker Jab to Chopping Right/Uppercut
Date Eiji Heart Break Shot to Corkscrew blow
Jimmy Sisphar Jolt Blow
Kimura Tatsuya Dragon Fish Blow
Aoki Masaru Look Away to Frog Punch
Itagaki Manabu Hedgehog
Kamogawa Genji Tekken
Hoshi Hiroyuki Seiken
Ralph Anderson Chopping right
Sanada Kazuki Tsubame Gaeshi
Hayami Ryuuichi Shotgun

Characters Without Sunday Punches

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