User(s) Shigeta Akira(right-handed)
Take Keiichi
Randy Boy Junior (Switch Hitter)
Sendou Takeshi (Deadly Smash)
Makunouchi Ippo (once)
Antonio Guevarra (Natural Southpaw)
Hand Positions Right leads
Left covers chest
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Anime Round 11 (The Fighting)
Similar Stance(s)
Similar Stance(s) Orthodox stance

The corresponding designation for a left-handed boxer is southpaw, and is generally a mirror-image of the Orthodox Stance.


A southpaw boxer guards and jabs with his right-hand. Many believe that southpaw boxers have an advantage over orthodox boxers since their punches come from unexpected angles. This holds true in Hajime no Ippo because Shigeta had the advantage over Sendou and Ippo during their fights.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Southpaw fighters have a natural advantage in that their attacks are less easy to predict, as well as utilising the natural strengths of left-handed boxers.

For right-handed boxers used to the Orthodox stance, using the southpaw stance may be unnatural for their regular techniques. Ippo switched to southpaw to protect his left eye during his fight against Oda Yuusuke, but struggled to execute right jabs. In contrast, Shigeta Akira, a natural right-hander, trained exclusively as a southpaw to gain an advantage over orthodox boxers, and his right jabs effectively have the strength of a straight punch.