Short uppercut
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Alternate Name(s) "Short Upper"
User(s) Hayami Ryuuichi
Arnie Gregory
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Anime The Fighting
Similar Technique(s)
Similar technique(s) Uppercut
One centimeter punch

The short uppercut is a technique in boxing derived from the orthodox uppercut. In Hajime no Ippo it is used by Hayami Ryuuichi as a counter against in fighters that dashed at him, making an opening for his Sunday punch, the Shotgun. It is also the parent technique of the smash and the one centimeter punch, both of which are short uppercuts that look like hooks. Mashiba Ryou's anti-in fighter uppercut has not been specified as being a short upper or a regular one.


The short upper follows the same principle as the orthodox uppercut, except it is thrown almost exclusively with the arm, foregoing the wind-up from the knees and hips that make the uppercut so predictable. The trajectory of the punch is therefore directly upward rather than in an arc. It is usually aimed at the chin.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

Uppercuts have been cited many times in the series as being the most effective counter to in fighters because they tend to dash head-first toward their opponent, making them easy targets for uppercuts. Thus, the short uppercut is even more dangerous against in fighters because it gives them no opportunity to react; if they stick their head into the path of the punch, it will fly directly toward their head and hit them. Hayami is able to use the punch reflexively.

Ippo was able to counter the short uppercut simply by anticipating it was coming. He had experience with countering hooks with uppercuts from his match with Jason Ozuma, so he simply did the reverse and countered Hayami's upper with a hook.


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