Shimakawa (島川) is the referee at the Kourakuen Hall.

Kourakuen Hall Referee
Gender N/A
Homeland Japan Japan
Occupation Referee
Manga Debut Round 15
Anime Debut Round 8 (The Fighting)
Voice Actor Izumi Hisashi (Japanese)
Richard Cansino (English)


Shimakawa is first seen at the hall's main event stopping the fight in the first round and declaring the winner via knockout. He later oversaw the sparring matches at the pro-license tests where he desperately tried to stop a viscous Mashiba from injuring his opponent and later declared Ippo the winner of his own spar.

East Japan Rookie King TournamentEdit

He was also in charge of Ippo's debut fight against Oda Yuusuke, where in the second round, he momentarily stopped the fight and called the doctor over to examine Ippo's eye. Once the second round began, he separated a clinching Oda who was targeting Ippo's eye. In the third round, Ippo landed a series of devastating right jabs, causing Shimakawa to stop the fight (seemingly for the cut) declaring Oda could no longer continue.

In the first event of the East Japan Rookie King Tournament, he supervised the match between Ippo and Ozuma. He stopped the fight three times for counts (two for Ippo and one for Ozuma), but ultimately stopped the fight when Ozuma received a devastating combo from his opponent, declaring Ippo the winner.

Shimakawa can also be briefly seen ending the Miyata's and Takada's match.

During Ippo's second fight at the tournament, the referee decided not to count for a second time, but instead declare Kobashi Kenta "not able to continue", thus making Ippo the winner.

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