Shigeta Akira
Akira Shigeta
Japanese Name 茂太明
Gender Male
Birth date September 20, 1973
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Height 167.5 cm (5'6")
Reach 168.9 cm (66")
Style Hybrid
Stance Southpaw
Previous Affiliation(s) New Japan Boxing Gym
Previous Trainer(s) New Japan Coach
Date(s) Retired September 1993
Boxing Record
Total fights 10
Wins 9
Wins by KO 9
Losses 1
Draws 0
Championships East Japan Rookie King
All Japan Rookie King
Manga Debut Round 231
Manga Final Round 243
Anime Debut Round 67 (The Fighting)
Voice Actor Yoshino Hiroyuki

Shigeta Akira is a Southpaw boxer who fought against Takeshi Sendou for the JBC Featherweight championship belt.


Shigeta was the East & All Japan Featherweight Rookie king of his generation. By using the unorthodox southpaw style, he made his way up the Japanese ranks, till he became Featherweight's 4th Seed; where he get to challenge Sendou Takeshi for the championship belt.

He had a sparring match against Ippo in order to gain confidence for his match against Sendou, which was a month away. He managed to hold the upper-hand using the strategical advantage of southpaws, particularly one who is actually right handed.

During title match against Sendou Takeshi, he jabbed Sendou viciously, and kept taunting him, saying things like "is this all you got" until Sendou burst out in rage and Shigeta was cornered and started taking a vicious beating. Despite this, Shigeta's trainer was still hopeful that he would manage to pull through and allowed the match to continue rather than throwing in the towel. Kamogawa later said that "the fact that he pushed Sendou proves he had potential, but his second destroyed him. This is the end of his boxing career." As a result, Shigeta wasn't only KO'ed, but also had his career ended, due to the fear of being hit, punch eye. It was also shown he lost several of his front teeth due to the impact of Sendou's punches. He presumably retired afterwards.

Match HistoryEdit

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS 9-1-0 Sendou Takeshi TKO 3(10) 1993-09 Osaka, Japan Japanese Featherweight Title Match


9-0-0 Unknown TKO ?(8) 19?? Unknown Japanese Featherweight Contender Rank #1


8-0-0 Unknown KO ?(6) 19?? Unknown Japanese Featherweight Contender Rank #2


7-0-0 Unknown KO ?(6) 19?? Unknown East Japan Rookie King Tournament, Became Rookie King Champion of the East

Japanese Featherweight Contender Rank #10


6-0-0 Unknown KO ?(6) 19?? Unknown East Japan Rookie King Tournament Finals


5-0-0 Unknown KO ?(4) 19?? Unknown East Japan Rookie King Tournament Semi-Finals


4-0-0 Unknown KO ?(4) 19?? Unknown East Japan Rookie King Tournament Quarter-Finals


3-0-0 Unknown KO ?(4) 19?? Unknown East Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 1


2-0-0 Unknown TKO ?(4) 19?? Unknown


1-0-0 Unknown TKO ?(4) 19?? Tokyo, Japan Pro Debut


Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Makunouchi Ippo All Japan Featherweight Rookie King Karasawa Takuzou
Makunouchi Ippo East Japan Featherweight Rookie King Karasawa Takuzou



Shigeta's dominant personality trait in both anime and manga is his arrogance, however in his spar with Ippo he modestly suggests that Ippo is 'not on form' (rather than he himself being better) and goes on to say that he hopes the next time they fight he'll be at his best.

Boxing StyleEdit

Shigeta was actually right handed but voluntarily trained himself to become a southpaw. From this training he succeeded in arming himself with a strategical advantage over most boxers and a strong right jab. Also, being a southpaw, his right arm's positioning allowed him to throw powerful counters, even without the rapid reaction speed of other counter-punchers. Even without his signature gimmick, Shigeta was a talented boxer in all fields, with good evasive skills and strong punches.



His style itself has no particular weaknesses, but Shigeta himself was not prepared for Sendo's new found speed or the power of his unblocked punches.



  • Its possible, and highly likely, that he was succeeded by Karasawa Takuzou in both east and all japan rookie king.
  • It was to Shigeta that Sendou said his famous line, "I doubt I'll be seeing you in the ring ever again. So I'll say it now, that's what I got!"
  • Both Shigeta and young Nekota had the same voice actor, Yoshino Hiroyuki, and also had similar defeats. Both boxers were mercilessly beaten by the main antagonist, Shigeta beaten by Sendou Takeshi and young Nekota beaten by Ralph Anderson.