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Shadow Boxing
Name Information
Kanji: シャドーボクシング
Romaji: Shadō bokushingu
Episode Information
Season: First (The Fighting)
Duration: 24:05
Episode Chronology
Tears of Joy Three Months to Counter

Shadow Boxing is the 4th episode of the first anime season of Hajime no Ippo, and it was released in October 24, 2000.



Characters IntroducedEdit

  • None

Techniques IntroducedEdit

Locations IntroducedEdit

  • None


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Round: 3 - Round: 4 Round: 5 - Round: 6 N/A

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga it firstly shows a bit of Ippo's mother and the fishing boat, discussing about how weird he acts lately. After that, Ippo goes straigh into the gym after trying to focus and not be nervous at his day where he spars against Miyata. He enters in and shouts how is everyone doing, Takamura immediately punches him saying to think of the elder's age. Meanwhile in the anime nothing of that happend. What happend is as he was gonna open the door, Aoki popped up and goosed him, following with Kimura they throwed jokes at him about that world champions goose if they're nervous, and Ippo...actually believed that. Before all that, it actually shows in the anime of Ippo running down the street to the gym throwing punches around happily. In the manga right after the scene, coach Kamogawa immediately tells him to do Uppercuts with him, but in the anime, as they enter in the first person to see is Yagi. Aoki and Kimura tell to Ippo to follow them for some real boxing and as he does, then they find Takamura saying that he is the one who found him and then the coach comes and stops them, following that he will train Ippo and the Uppercut after that.
  • In the very end it also shows Umezawa and his goons trying to catch up to Ippo, but they fail saying that he gets faster and faster every day.

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