Sendou's teacher
Gender Female
Homeland Japan Japan
Occupation Middle school teacher
Manga Debut Hajime no Ippo Gaiden
Manga Final Round 1127
Anime Debut Does not appear

Sendou's teacher is a recurring character from the Hajime no Ippo Gaiden. She is the homeroom teacher of Sendou Takeshi during the events of Gaiden. Her name is unknown.


Sendou's teacher first appears in a home meeting with Sendou's grandmother. She inquires about Sendou's goals in life and reveals that a career involving fighting may not be such a bad thing in his case. Her only desire is that he go on from middle school to high school.

She meets him on the roof of the school one day. She points out that his attendance is improving, although he still arrives late. He asks her, "What does it mean to be strong?" She believes everyone has a different answer for that, and becoming an adult, getting a job, and working hard was part of hers. When he announces his intention to go to high school, she eagerly hugs him and says that is part of being strong too. At this point she and Sendou have a familial rapport.

However, he gets into a fight soon after, and gets sent to the police station as a result. She arrives at the police station and begs him why he had not simply called the police or a teacher for help. Sendou simply states that it is his responsibility to help his friends, and asks her not to apply any "adult logic to it". She then announces that she was retiring soon because she, too, had to help a member of her family; "adult circumstances". She was trying to help Sendou in her last few days because he was the only student with questionable grades in the class. After that she would not be able to help him anymore. Sendou just walks away, telling her to leave whenever.

She reappears once more following Sendou's fight against 35 high schoolers. Now that she is retired, she does not scold him, but instead gives him a kiss and wishes him good luck finding someone who could answer his question of what it means to be strong.

She first appears in the main canon in Round 1127, revealing that she had been at Kourakuen Hall during Lallapalooza. In her eyes, Ippo is the first person who truly understands Sendou. She thanks Ippo for being Sendou's friend.

In 1129 it's revealed that she divorced her husband, and her ex-husband has been causing her problems, prompting Sendou to try and protect her under the guise of asking if she wants to stay with his grandmother.



Sendou's teacher in the manga.

Sendou's teacher is slender and young-looking, though her age is not elaborated upon. Her hair is shoulder length with bangs hanging around the sides of her face, and is a light color, probably brown. Her eyes are also a light color. Her wardrobe consists of a conservative shirt of some sort (a sweater or jacket), a skirt, and heels on one occasion and heeled boots on another.


Sendou's teacher has a genial personality, as she is shown smiling and encouraging Sendou frequently throughout her appearance. Her attitude toward Sendou is also recurrently flirtatious, though there is negligible evidence that she was sexually attracted to him; Sendou was, at the time, only thirteen or fourteen years old. It is implied that she is the only person who sticks out for him during his middle school years, much like how Sawamura's teacher stuck out for Sawamura during his. She encourages him to go to high school, regardless of what he wanted to do in life, but also admits that he is good at fighting.