See You Again, Nekota-san
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Volume: 26
Chapter: 231
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 19
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See You Again, Nekota-san is the 231st chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



While Takamura is still trying to convince the group that he defeated the bear by himself, Kamogawa is angry that he risked ending his career by receiving an injury from the bear. As Ippo finishes bandaging Takamura, Nekota serves the dinner for the group. He reveals it is a bear he shot earlier that day, which Takamura realizes is the same bear he had spared. Upset because of the bear's death, Takamura eats it as a sign of respect.

The next day, the gym members get ready to depart and say goodbye to Nekota after promising they will return. Nekota follows the moving car in what appears to be an attempt to give advice, but keeps running even after saying it. The annoyed boxers throws objects at him, telling him to go back and rest before he gets injured. Nekota then trips on a rock and falls to the ground, but tells Hachi not to worry because he is fine. He confesses feeling grateful for the visit and looks forward to seeing them again.

After arriving to the gym, Kamogawa tells the boxers to rest and get ready for their upcoming matches. Before they have the chance to leave, a trainer from the "New Japan Gym" enters with his fighter and winner of the East Japan Rookie King Tournament; Shigeta Akira. The trainer states they have an upcoming title match against Sendou, and requests a sparring match against Ippo. Kamogawa quickly accepts and tells Ippo (who is exited as well) to get ready.

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