He won in a A-Class tournament second round by knocking down Kimura Tatsuya in extra round. But 4 years later fought again in A-Class tournament first round and lost by decision.
-Yellow-Flash- Hajime no Ippo 46 -DVD--040693B1-.mkv snapshot 10.10 -2013.06.07 02.08.09-

After winning Kimura in extra round

Match HistoryEdit

Result Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS Kimura Tatsuya Decision 10(10) 1997 Tokyo, Japan Class-A Tournament First Round
WIN Kimura Tatsuya KO 1(1), 2:06 1992-07 Tokyo, Japan Class-A Tournament (Extra Round)
Draw Kimura Tatsuya Decision 8(8), 3:00 1992-07 Tokyo, Japan Class-A Tournament Second Round 

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