Ramuda Ruslan
Gender Male
Homeland Russia Russia
Occupation Otowa Boxing Gym trainer
Manga Debut Round 146
Anime Debut Round 45 (The Fighting)
Voice Actor Motomu Kiyokawa

Ruslan Ramuda is a Russian coach who trained Alexander Volg Zangief since his childhood. He and Alexander were affiliated with the Otowa Boxing Gym


Ramuda first appearance in manga

Ramuda's first appearance in the manga.

Ramda 12

Ramuda searching for a worthy fighter.

Ramda 15

Ramuda trains little Alexander.

At that time in Russia, good trainers were sending their top fighters to the world stage and he was searching for a worthy fighter to train like that to show the world his training skills. He met with a lot of good fighters around that time and even trained some of them but none were worthy enough.

When he first saw Alexander Volg Zangief, he knew it was him that he was searching for, he saw his interest in boxing and the fighting spirit in him and since Alexander wants to be a great boxer, he started to train him personally in the cold weather of Russia. After years of training, he and Volg went to foreign countries to join boxing matches.

Boxers TrainedEdit

Other boxers who trained or are training under Ramuda is unknown if any.


Ramuda is an old man in his late fifties. The wrinkles under his eyes and on his upper lip as well as age spots. He has light brown hairs (due to his old age) and his eye color is dark brown.


He is a determined trainer and believed that the main reason of the Japanese boxers short boxing life is the trainers who uses words like will power instead of skills and they pressure their boxers to push themselves to the limit. But the result on the match Alexander vs. Ippo showed him that the will power is important too.


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