Rusak Paddy
Gender Male
Homeland Thailand Thailand
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Trainer Rusak Coach
Boxing Record
Total fights 1
Wins N/A
Wins by KO N/A
Losses N/A
Draws 1
Manga Debut Round 125
Anime Debut Round 39 (The Fighting)
Rusak Paddy (ข้าว Rusak) is a featherweight Thai boxer who had fought Miyata to decision.

Match HistoryEdit

In the match Miyata had shown superior skills such as dominating the fight and knocking Rusak down twice. However in the end, Rusak's home advantage gave the match a decision of draw.

Result Record Oppenent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes


?-?-1 Miyata Ichirou Decision 6(6), 3:00 1992 Samut Prakam, Thailand Unknown


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