Road work, sometimes written as "roadwork", is a type of training that boxers use to build up stamina, endurance, leg strength and burst speed as well as a method to lose water weight during weight control. The boxers occasionally stop to shadow box. This is how Takamura Mamoru met Makunouchi Ippo for the first time.

Road work can range from running a course of anywhere from 3 to 5 miles or more, sprint sets or a combination of the two. It can include anything that the trainer can think of such as Kamogawa having Ippo push his scooter up a steep hill. An example of the application of roadwork for weight loss is Takamura's intense training while preparing for his WBC Jr. Middleweight World Title Match against Bryan Hawk. Takamura drastically increased his roadwork intensity and volume well beyond most other boxer's limitations, in order to drop the 20 kilos(44lbs) to meet the weight limit.

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