Wiki Tip! Ring names can be found under the "nickname" parameter on a character's infobox.

A ring name is a nickname given to a boxer by their fans, themselves, and/or the media. Ring names usually reflect the boxer's most outstanding quality or trait.

An example of a ring name would be Maxie "Slapsie" Rosenbloom. He earned the ring name "Slapsie" because his notoriously weak jab still had the ability to jar the opponent and break their rhythm.

This isn't to be confused with personal names, which some boxers change in real-life after starting their careers to make it easier for people to pronounce, remember, or for other, personal reasons. An example of a personal name would be Muhammad Ali, originally Cassius Clay. He changed his real name when he converted to Islam.

Characters with Ring NamesEdit

This is a list of ring names used in the series.
Name Ring Name Kanji Translation
Makunouchi Ippo Fuujin 風神 "Wind God"
Miyata Ichirou Counter no Kikoushi カウンターの貴公子 "Prince of Counters"
Raijin 雷神 "Lightning God"

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