Ring Name
Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Chapter: 27
Japanese Title: リングネーム
Romanized Title: Ringunēmu
Total Pages: 20
Episodes: Round 13 (p.1-20)
Chapter Chronology
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Ring Name is the twenty-seventh chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



After set of sparring sessions where Ippo overwhelms Kimura and Aoki (who take turns between each other til they wear Ippo down), the latter, treats Ippo to free ramen at the Chuuka Soba, in celebration for being one year at the gym. They talk about the Rookie King Tournament, as Takamura helps himself to some ramen.

The next day, Yagi reveals that Miyata and Mashiba are in a separate block from Ippo, but last year's Inter-High Champion Hayami Ryuuichi could be a problem. Ippo's first opponent is Jason Ozuma, the boxers believe this to be a ring name and tease Ippo about a ring name which references his large penis.

The next day, Ippo arrives at the gym and a panicked Aoki tells Ippo that "Jason Ozuma" isn't a ring name and shows him a photo of Ozuma, revealing that the boxer is a black man born in America.

Ring name suggestionsEdit

Aoki's first suggestion for Ippo's ringname, Freddy Ippo is a references to horror movie character Freddy Krueger. He makes the suggestion after remarking that "Jason" sounds like something from a horror movie, referencing Jason Voorhees. Aoki also suggests Puma Ippo, but Kimura says it's already taken.

Takamura then suggests Big Mara Ippo. Ippo likes the sound of "mara", but doesn't know what it means. Takamura then laughs and gestures that it means "penis", once again teasing Ippo about his size. When Ippo starts to storm off, Takamura then suggests With Balls Ippo.

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