Richard Bison (リチャード・バイソン) is the former WBA Middleweight Champion. He is from Detroit, Michigan, earning him the nickname, "Motor City Bison".

In his past, he was beaten by David Eagle and has longed for a rematch. He lost his last fight against Takamura Mamoru for the Title Unification Match.

Richard Bison
Richard Bison
Nickname(s) "Motor City Bison"
Gender Male
Homeland USA Detroit, Michigan, America
Occupation Professional Boxer
Boxer Info
Weight Class Middleweight
Stance Hitman Style
Boxing Record
Total fights N/A
Wins N/A
Wins by KO N/A
Losses 1 (Pro)
1 (Amateur Olympic)
Championships WBA Middleweight Champion
Qualification Olympic Games
Manga Debut Round 1080
Anime Debut Does not appear


Battle of the Beasts

Bison grew up in downtown Detroit and started boxing as a way to protect himself. He later found out that he could beat anybody and started his way to the top until he met David Eagle who beat him for the first time.

He lost to Eagle a second time for the Olympic Qualifiers and had to watch the Olympics from home, witnessing Eagle's becoming a champion. After Eagle became into a professional boxer, Bison felt that he was getting too far away from him and also turned pro, in hopes of having a rematch with Eagle.

Unfortunately, Takamura beat Eagle who had to retire, taking his chances of vengeance away from him. So in turn, Bison wants vengeance on Takamura whom he refers to as a "damn thief" for taking his 'treasure' away from him.

Fighting Style

Richard Fast Flickers

Richard unleashing his flickers against Takamura.

Richard is a strong and powerful boxer. He is another character in the series who uses the Hitman Style, also known as the Detroit Style, an offensive fighting style that involves using Flicker Jabs. He is known to have an "Old School Hitman Style".

Richard uses his Flicker Jabs to keep both himself and opponents at middle range. He is able to dodge incoming punches thrown with sways and can effectively outbox with his Flicker Jabs. Richard's Flicker Jabs are stronger than most Flicker Jabs used in the series (due to the weight class he is in as well as his physique), evident by the fact that he managed to push back and keep Takamura at bay with just his Flicker Jab. Due to his usage and knowledge of the Hitman Style, Richard can analyze the angles as well as parry them and even counter them when another opponent uses Flicker Jabs against him.

In addition, Richard can In-Fight effectively, using World-Class feints alongside good technical skill ranging from precise offensive combinations (left hook, left uppercut, right hook, left body blow into a right straight) to his defensive skills such as sways, ducking, and using Neck Spins when the situation calls for it. Furthermore, Richard is good at adjusting to his opponent's patterns and habits. An example of this occurs in his match with Takamura. Richard notices that Takamura ducks to the right and punches each time he feints with his left. He also sets up a Chopping Right, baiting Takamura into swaying by leaning back to hit him with a right straight. He also figures out that when he feints a right, he can hit Takamura with a long left hook since he's focused on the right, which almost cost Takamura the match.

Match History

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS ?-1-? Japan Takamura Mamoru TKO 6(12) 1998 (?) Tokyo, Japan Middleweight Unification Match Retained WBC and won WBA Middleweight titles

Olympic Games

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS ?-1-? EUA David Eagle TKO 1(4), 1:11 19?? USA Olympic Games Qualification




  • His style is reminiscent of Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns, also know as "Motor City Cobra". Though Bison is not really based on Hearns since he exists in the series as in real life, he is also from Detroit. Many say that Richard Bison is his successor and gave him his nickname, "Motor City Bison".
  • Richard Bison could be named after Mike Bison from Street Fighter 2.