Returning Fugitive
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Volume: 31
Chapter: 276
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
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Returning Fugitive is the 276th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



In the sparring match with Miyata, Kimura attempts the move he has been practicing, but misses. However, Miyata tells him that if he polishes the move, Mashiba will be unable to remain standing. Kimura tells them he will not be returning, and says all he has left to do is polish the move.

At their gym, Ippo, Aoki and Takamura, see the poster of the Mashiba fight, which strongly implies Kimura will be utterly defeated. Kimura then appears, and is teased about it by Takamura, but the former simply responds that the one in trouble is Mashiba and not him. The group is surprised at the confidence that surprised even Miyata, and ask to see the move, which Kimura calls "Dragon Fish Blow".

Intending to demonstrate the move, Kimura spars with Aoki. Having witnessed the training, Aoki knows that once within range, Kimura will launch a body blow with his left hand. As predicted, Kimura goes for the body blow and Aoki protects, however Kimura follows up with a punch from his right hand that cleanly lands and leaves everyone surprised. Ippo remembers the other mark on the tire and concludes it was the new move. He is also happy to see that the new move is a one that even Mashiba would fall to.

The night before the fight, Mashiba goes for his road work while on diet, and thinks about how he will win in order to become "the best brother in the world" for Kumi's sake.

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